Speaking about Autism Legislation with Senator Menendez

This occurred just a few weeks after The Combating Autism Reauthorization Act was passed in Congress for 3 more years. I had the opportunity to speak with NJ Senator Robert Menendez at Regional Day School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Hope you enjoy!


Thank You Seton Hall! Featured Article and Video for Seton Hall Magazine.

Seton Hall The Magazine Issue

Just wanted to give my Alma-Mater Seton Hall a shout out for featuring me in there Annual Seton Hall Magazine Issue. In addition they posted a short video of my experience at Seton Hall along with my pursuit of a Masters Degree in Strategic Communication.

You can also checkout the entire Seton Hall Magazine here.

My First Time on Autism America Radio


Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to speak for a few minutes on a new radio show called Autism America Radio on KTLK 1150 AM. This was my first time ever speaking on radio and it was a wonderful experience.

As someone diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, I mainly discussed my experience along with sharing one of my poems on the air. To even have the chance to express my thoughts on a major radio station in Los Angeles was very surreal. The hosts of the show, Film Producer Matthew Asner and Comedian Andrea Nittoli were very respectful and we ended up having a great conversation. To learn that there is an actual radio show now that discusses autism related topics was very exciting news.

I strongly encourage everyone to tune in next Saturday at 6 PM ET/3PT for the next showing of Autism America Radio. You can stream the entire show online here along with listen to previous shows through there podcast, available for free on Itunes here.





“Fixing Autism” Video

I was a huge fan of this video when it came out. A man name Lou did a video to promote Autism Awareness called “Fixing Autism”. Even though some people can’t speak who have autism doesn’t mean we still can’t get the word out about advocating for Autism.

The only problem I really had was the title. The whole concept of “Fixing” autism is somewhat debatable. What are your thoughts of the video?

*You can read more/watch more videos from Lou at Lou Land here.*